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Call of Duty: Warzone | Coalition vs Allegiance | "Alex – Van de Beek" vs "Nikto – Pogba"

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Call of Duty: Warzone, the free-to-play, battle-royal multiplayer offering is one of the most successful video games in the world, as it has crossed the 60 million-player milestone in less than 2 months.

Warzone pits 150 players against one another in teams of two, three, four or solo in an ever-closing map. The game, which is free to download also features another mode, Blood Money, outside of its battle royal, which has players competing to gather cash across the map en route to $1 million and victory.

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The game features two main factions of the Operators: the Coalition and the Allegiance. Both factions include a variety of Operators to choose from. The Coalition is a multinational alliance that consists of operators from SAS, Warcom and Demon Dogs, while the Allegiance is made up of the remnants of the Russian Forces in Urzikstan, foreign mercenaries and rogue NATO soldiers.

And while the Operators are getting famous among the gamers, has teamed up with Call of Duty to make the “Coalition vs Allegiance” ultimate team. The concept consists on choosing 11 characters from both the Coalition and Allegiance who are featuring in Warzone.

We’ll then analyze the specific traits of each character and potential Footballers who fit the mould and resemble well with the character. The audience will be involved by voting for their favorite Operator-Footballer combo to make it feature in the Ultimate team.

Warzone - Alex vs Nikto

For our sixth poll, we are going to be looking at alex from the Coalition faction and Nikto from the Allegiance one.

Alex – Van de Beek  : Alex is a legendary operator in Call Of Duty. He is a very wise person who knows how to lead his teammates. He likes to have a strategic view over the battle field and makes sure he is always available to help his team. Van de Beek is a very generous football player, he applies himself in the defensive tasks although he is an attacking player. He runs everywhere in the field and makes sure he is always in the right position to accommodate his teammates. Alex and Van de Beek are both great team players.

Nikto – Paul Pogba : Paul Pogba is able to do everything inside a football pitch: defend, attack, score, give assists, tackle, win back the ball, and that’s exactly what Nikto likes to do while in the battle field. He is an Operator who assumes his responsibilities and do everything possible to win and make his team win.

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