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Inter wins the Cup, marking Manaj goal of the year

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Rey Manaj has scored a AllinFootball and won the Coppa Italia Primavera. Inter Primavera topped with Rey Manaj has won the Primavera Coppa Italia, defeating Juventus in the final...Read More [+]

Starting Lineups: Frosinone – Inter

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Frosinone and Inter will face from 15:00 throughput within the 32 Serie A coaches of both teams have published official formations for this showdown. Arlind Ajeti, Albanian national team...Read More [+]

European giants after Mirandas

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Inter defender Joao Miranda has awakened the interest of several big clubs Joao Miranda, is put in the spotlight by major European clubs like Manchester United, Barcelona and Bayern...Read More [+]

Mancini not delivered

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Roberto Mancini believes Inter can still finish the season in third place in Serie A Inter has reached more than a draw (1: 1) in front Olimpico Rome. After...Read More [+]