History of Bundesliga

The Bundesliga competition was founded in 1963.

The foundation of this competition was a solution of the problem that existed till that moment with German leagues which were divided based on region. The problem with region divided leagues was that some of those leagues did not have enough strong teams to compete with giants. It was the Bundesliga foundation which brought the missing competition among groups.

The Bundesliga structure changed under the circumstances of Second World War.
Before this war, teams which had achieved the most were FC Nürnberg(6 times winner), Schalke 04(6 times winner), Hertha BSC Berlin etc.
After this war, the division of Germany in two parts was also reflected in the Bundesliga Competition.
In 1963, Bundesliga licensed around 16 teams as participants in the league,which later became 18. Since birth of bundesliga, the most succesful clubs were Bayern Munich(13 times winner), Borussia Mönchengladbach (5 times winner), Werder Bremen (3 times winner) etc.