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History of Premier League

The Premier League competition was founded around 1992/1993.

The event that marked the foundation of this competition was the win of BPL title by Manchester United.
The first season started in August 1992 and the competition continues up till nowadays.
In the first season of Premier League, there participated around 22 clubs and the first goal of season was scored by Brian Deane (Sheffield United club)
Nowadays we count around 46 clubs which have participated in Barclays Premier League since the first year of foundation (1992).
A change in the structure of the competition was made in 1994/1995 season,where was decided to decrease the number of clubs from 22 to 20 per season.
The title of competition has changed a few times, starting from “FA Barclays Premiership” continuing till “Premier League” (2016/2017 season decision) .
The winner of the first competition was Manchester United followed by 12 other wins during this years.Someother clubs which won many cometitions were Chelsea (4 times), Arsenal (3 times) etc.The longest manager who served in Premier League was Sir Alex Ferguson,manager of Manchester United for 21 years.